Qasim Ali Shah Quotes, Books & Lecture Videos

Books of Qasim Ali Shah:
Qasim Ali Shah has brilliant composition abilities thousand of people loved his composed books and praised his composition. Here we have the list of Qasim Ali Shah’s Books.

  1. Aap Ka Bacha Bhi Kamyab Ho Sakta Hai (This book is a guide for guardians, About how to bring up their youngsters.
  2. Kamyabi Ka Paigham – This book is about progress. He writes about the different Strategies.
  3. Zara Num Ho ” Zindgi Badalny Walay Tariqay”  In this book, you can read Qasim Ali Shah’s quotes and brief motivational verses.
  4. Apni Talash
  5. Bari Manzil Ka Musafir
  6. Onchi Uraan

Lectures of Qasim Ali Shah:
Qasim Ali Shah has a lot of fans and followers. They listen to Qasim Ali Shah with interest. He has given lectures on different topics. Here are list famous lectures:

  • The Secret of Greatness
  • Patience is the Key to Success
  • Mentally Strong People
  • How To Overcome Stress And Depression
  • The Habit of Giving
  • The Real Reason Behind Of My Work
  • Tanqeed Ka Samna
  • Kismat, Muqadar, Naseeb, Taqdeer Kya hai?
  • 5 Qualities Make Us Superior From Others
  • Managing Emotions

Quotes of Qasim Ali Shah:

“Every thought you think and everything shall surely see the thought and work that is not associated with your order.”
― Qasim Ali Shah

“Whatever the human mind can think clearly it can be achieved.”
― Qasim Ali Shah

“If you believe that success comes from hard work, not luck, you will never agree to work and wait for fate to spend the life will……”
― Qasim Ali Shah


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