Reham Khan called Imran Khan a ‘Drug Abuser’ and here’s how Zaid Ali T responded to that

(Last Updated On: 06/08/2018)

Imran Khan is already a winner with winning dominantly in the recently ended up General Elections 2018. But this seems even indigestible for her ex-wife Reham Khan, who is trying to do what she had been doing before to sabotage the elections for Khan and his political party PTI as well. But it seems that people have clearly rejected Reham’s claims about Imran Khan as millions of people have trusted the PTI chief and have also voted for him in the most important elections of Pakistan’s history.

With her so unreal and absurd claims, Reham Khan could be mange to become  laughingstock for many. Like every other person trolling former BBC journo, the famous Pakistani You Tuber also joined the clan and thew a troll towards Reham. As soon as this joke went viral, Reham wrote back to Zaid claiming Imran Khan was a drug abuser and cheat as well.

Zaid Ali T, who is widely known for spreading laughter all across the globe came up with an epic reply to Reham Khan over calling Imran Khan a drug abuser. Here is how the complete Twitter-battle went in between Reham Khan and Zaid Ali T:





With all this battle going on, one thing is sure Imran Khan a winner and will always be a winner regardless of all the fabricated campaigns against him.


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