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Shireen Mazari Minister of Human Rights

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 19/11/2018)

There are only a few ladies who made an impact in Pakistan politics and one of those ladies is Shireen Mazari, her full name is Shireen Mehurnnissa Bukhari. She nowadays is Minister of Human Rights in National Assembly of Pakistan. Not like many other Pakistani politicians, she is well educated as she got her graduation done from London School of Economics and later she did PhD in political science from the University of Columbia. Mazari is known for her bold behaviour and she is the one who can’t be silenced just because she is a woman, she has got amazing knowledge and she keeps an eye on all the events around her. She became a member of national assembly twice in 2013 & 2018 on the reserved seat for women.

After studies, she joints Quaid e Azam University Karachi as an associate professor and later she became head of the department of strategic studies. She didn’t stop over there, later on, she became the head a government-funded institution named as Institute of strategic studies. She remained there for 6 straight years until 2008. In the year 2008, she joined PTI where she really proved her iron and got famous for grilling the corrupt politicians and standing for women rights. She was PTI’s information secretary and spokesperson in the year 2009.

In addition to that, she also hosted a television program on Waqat TV and she also remained editor of The Nation newspaper.  Mazari had some personal problems due to which she left PTI in 2012 at that time she was central vice president and in charge foreign policy but later in 2013 she joined the party again and went to hold an office of the national assembly. She got re-elected on the reserved seat for women at national assembly and now she is the minister of Human Rights.

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