Torrents of ‘Sanju’ Film Leaked Full HD Quality: Details

The B-town was on the edge of their seats as it was time for a biopic on Sanjay Dutt’s life ‘Sanju’ to release, but what happened just a day before its release was completely disastrous. The film was leaked up on the torrents and that too in HD quality a day before the official release of the film. For sure, this leak would have a setback on the business of the film and would also leave the cast and directors deep in trouble.

Although, it isn’t the first time that Bollywood film has leaked online before its release as in recent past one of the hyped films of Bollywood ‘Udata Punjab’ was also leaked online by unknown netizens.

Talking about the Sanju leak online, it is up there on torrents and available in all sorts of video quality including the Full HD version.  The news about this much-awaited film getting online leak spread like fire in the bush and many of the netizens just went on asking for the download link of the film, whereas some of them opted to support the legal content and see the film in cinemas.

The film ‘Sanju’ was released today simultaneously in India, Pakistan and other countries and no one would have ever expected the film getting leaked in the HD quality.

Internet users have been quite vocal about this film leak and the trend up on Twitter, ‘#SanjuLeaked’ online is making waves all around.








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