Best Performing Mutual Funds in Pakistan


A mutual fund is defined as a company that allows the intended investors regardless of their status to share the profit and loss of the company by investing in the company. The investors are given the opportunity to share whatever they want. These mutual fund companies are registered by an organization that regulates the entire system. Some of the benefits are

  • Riba-free returns
  • Online access to individual accounts
  • Shariah-compliant avenue of investment for individuals, corporate clients, and retirement schemes
  • Professional fund management expertise
  • Required minimum investment as low as Rs. 5,000
  • Easy withdrawal of money
  • No minimum holding period
  • Risk diversification

Currently, the most popular mutual funds in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Al Ameen Funds were part of UBL Islamic cash funds but now it exists as an independent fund. It is considered as the most reliable and ideal mutual fund system. For those who want to have an interest or riba free investment, it is a great choice. It is flexible and extremely useful. Investors expect high financial benefits. They offer annual benefits. They usually invest in the oil and gas exploration, fertilizer industry and the cement sector.
  • The history of the Atlas fund dates back to 2008. Since its beginning, in the said year the company is doing a great job when we talk of extending the services as the mutual funds. It ensures that the investors get a smooth rate. It is also important to understand that the investors are part of the investment family and they have the right to get the best advantages. It encourages the riba free system along with the online access of the account details. They also offer professional help to beginners. The investors find it easy to invest as low as 5, 000.
  • Dawood mutual funds help investors who love inclination for the Islamic investment systems. Their mutual fund system has two major plans. The investors can choose from the project they like and invest in them accordingly. The basic aim is to provide the opportunity of acquiring the Islamic way of financial earning. They can invest in 25% of the net assets.
  • Alfalah GHP Islamic Property Planning Funds are great for those who prefer the Open-ended funds of fund schemes. This mutual fund system ensures that the investor gets stable returns. It is great for those who are looking for an investment with low risk. Hence, it becomes possible to get the benefits that are both medium term and the short term.


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