FIA Says Women in Leaked Video is Not Fatima Sohail

Almost everyone is aware of the controversy that surrounded Mohsin Haider Abbas with his wife Fatima Sohail. The two were involved in an ugly legal battle where Mohsin was accused by his wife of torture and mistreatment. While it seemed that everything is going on fine a new scandal has erupted which involves Fatima Sohail. There is a vide circulating on WhatsApp in which a man and a woman are shown in a compromising position. The problem with the video is that it is being said that the woman who is in the video is none other than Fatima Sohail with some other men. The video has been doing rounds and has got everyone’s attention ever since it was released.

But it looked like it all was fake and the woman in the video was not Fatima Sohail at all, rather it was someone else who was impersonating Fatima Sohail. This was confirmed by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) who said that they conducted a digital forensic report of the video and found out that the woman in it is not Fatima Sohail and all the allegations are baseless. The FIA had to get involved in it after Fatima announced on Instagram that all the videos are fake and baseless and that she is not present in the video. She also said that an investigation is underway and the culprits who maligned her will be exposed soon.

In an Instagram post, Sohail also shared copies of her complaint to the FIA and said that she couldn’t believe people can get so low. Fatima also praised the FIA for acting on time and taking action against the culprits who will be exposed soon. This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred or some video has been leaked of a celebrity. Over the last few months, a lot of incidents have come forward where such videos have been released. Rabi Peerzada and Samara Chaudhry are a prime example of this where their videos were leaked in compromising situations. It needs to be seen what action FIA will take in Fatima’s case.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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