Laal Kabootar Pakistani Movie – Release Date, Cast, Story & Trailer

Pakistani movie “Laal Kabootar” is going to be released this year i.e. 2019. It is a Pakistani crime movie, inspired from the streets of Karachi. Laal Kabootar’s official trailer premiered this week which revealed its cast.

The cast members are Pakistan’s leading cinematographer, known as Mo Azmi who also worked as Co-Producer as well as Director of Photography for Laal Kabootar. He has also served as the D.O.P for Pakistani films named ‘Jalaibi’, ‘Cake and‘021’.


The Assistant Directors, like Zoobia Anwar, with Shahrukh Kazim Ali, worked as the backbone for the Director, who was always ready to support him. Zain Khan served as a Production Designer while Owais Shamsi worked as Line Producer. They traveled around 20 locations within 35 days.

The writer of the film was asked about the depth of the film’s title but he didn’t agree to explain it and told us to wait until the film premiers.

The two celebrities named Ali Kazmi and Mansha Pasha will be appearing on the screen in the upcoming film. The movie will be released under the headship of award-winning Kamal Khan which will be his first ever cinematic movie. Whereas Mansha Pasha disclosed that she played an intense and challenging character as Alia. Her life is showed as it turned upside. She pointed out to be stubborn in her character as she might have lost someone special or something else.

Ahmed Ali is also in the cast of Laal Kabootar and played the lead character as Adeel, who is a taxi driver on a way out of his city Karachi. Are you also desperately waiting for the release of Laal Kabootar? Let us know about your excitement to watch the first ever crime movie “Laal Kabootar”.


YouTube video
YouTube video

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