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Pakistan Allows 5000 Indian Pilgrimage to enter free of Cost

Pakistan has been showing goodwill and friendly gestures to India since long. Recently Pakistani Government has decided to provide free visa entry to Kartarpur. Previous Sunday, Pakistan agrees to provide visa free travel to Sikh pilgrimage visiting Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara.

According to S.C.L Das Home Ministry’s Joint Secretary, everyday 5000 Sikhs can visit Pakistan for their rituals and religious activities at Kartarpur. This decision was announced on second Joint Secretary-level bilateral meeting which was organized at Wagah, boarder in Pakistan side.

However in that meeting Pakistan brings some infrastructural limitation to the light. Those constrains will be observed on Pakistan side. They further added that Pakistan authority can handle Indian proposal in parts.

Moreover Indian authority demands to allow 10000 pilgrims to visit the kartarpur shahib Gurdwara on special events. They want these 10000 added to existing ones. Remember Pakistan increase land for Kartarpur Gudware for about 3 to 42 Acers.

Remember The Kartarpur shrine is in Narowal district across The Ravi. According to history Guru Nanak spent his final days at this point. This place is of great religious attachment for Sikhs. This place is somewhat 4km far from Dera Baba Nanak Shrine which is in Gurdspur.

This act is highly appreciated by world. Even American welcomes this corridor and consider this as a corridor between India and Pakistan. The Road is under construction and is expected to be opened by 31 October.

Well public has mix reaction towards this action. Some people apperitiate this acts. Considering it generosity on the behalf of Pakistan. Even some parts of Indian print media also appreciates this act. Yet there are peoples who thinks that this should not be done. As India will not take it positively.

Alison Johnson
Alison Johnson

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