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Pakistan Post Internship Program 2019

Prime Minister of Pakistan wants the youth of the country to progress and prosper. For this, he is committed to doing anything. He has taken a number of revolutionary steps to uplift the youth and give them the opportunity to explore their skills. In this way, they cannot just transform their lives but can be productive members of the nation too. The Prime Minister internship program is one such effort in this regard. Here the youth are given the opportunity to develop professionally and learn the tactics that can help in their future endeavors.

In October 2019, the Pakistan Post Internship program was launched for the young minds who really want to make some difference in their lives. Under this program, they are welcoming the youth for more than 35,000 posts. These posts will be offered in almost all parts of the country. As per the details mentioned these opportunities are classified into three broader categories namely A, B and C. the main idea is taken from the National Youth Development Framework that is commonly known as NYDF. The idea to enrich the minds and empower the youth. The internship will cover the professional uplifting of the candidates who have either completed their matriculation or have done their graduation in different fields of study.

The program is an excellent opportunity for youth between 20 and 30 years of age. Anyone falling in this age group is welcomed to join the Prime Minister Internship Program. Besides falling in this age group they have to fulfill the academic requirements too and that is to be at least matriculate. After the one month internship, they will be able to enjoy further benefits too. The intended youth are instructed to send in their filled forms by the 21st of October 2019.

The program spreads over three further programs. The program A is related to the Franchise Post Office, Program B is about the insurance agents while the third program will cover E-Commerce.

How to apply:

In order to apply the youth are provided with an online form. The intended youth can fill the form and submit it after fulfilling the requirements and send Copy of attested documents to the AD office. Candidates can apply to Pakistan Post internship 2019/20 program online through email at [email protected] or submit the Application form.

E-mail: [email protected]


Last Date to Apply:

The last day to apply is 21st October 2019

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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