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Prime Minister Imran Khan Launches “Digital Pakistan” Campaign

It is that time now that everything is now moving towards digitalization. From banks to insurance, to advertising, we can see the digital effect everywhere. Keeping this rapid change in mind, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has launched the Digital Pakistan campaign. The inauguration ceremony of the program was held in Islamabad where the PM addressed everyone at the stage. The new initiative is part of the PTI government’s initiative of digitalizing different programs. Through this, the government aims to use technology for public welfare at large. With the new Digital Pakistan campaign, the cybersecurity issues will also be dealt with.

The main aim is to digitize the whole country with the government and private sector working on the same page. Through the initiative, the main focus is now on a digitally inclusive and progressive Pakistan, which is the best interest for everyone now. The Prime Minister also said that they were facing a lot of resilience from different departments as well, but that won’t hinder their plans. He said that these forces will not be able to stop us from this campaign and there is also to be achieved now. The government has also got a new head in the name of Tania Aidrus who will be leading the latest project of the PTI led government.

Tania, who worked at Google as Director products, will now look to transform the digital side of Pakistan. The main aim that the government is wanting to achieve is to provide access and connectivity to everyone. The digital infrastructure, when built, will help the youth to use their smartphones and tablets for constructive purposes. With the introduction of this campaign, the digital literacy rate and skill ratio will also shoot up. Apart from this, the new thing will have an impact on the innovation process as well and people can come with different startup ideas upfront. During his speech, Imran Khan also said that Pakistan is now a stable county and is now working hard to get into such programs. It needs to be seen what impact does the project bring in, but this is something that you may not have imagined before.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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