The Safari Steam Train for Tourism

For the past many years; Pakistan has not been able to entertain proper tourism because of the negative image that has been portrayed of Pakistan in other countries by some people. But since the technology has advanced, Pakistanis are able to show the true beauty of Pakistan to the foreigners. Some keen foreigners who were brave enough to break the stereotype visited Pakistan and they too loved this beautiful country and fell in love with her. When they went back to their own countries; they told the rest of the world what a beauty Pakistan really is. So, gradually the tourism of Pakistan began to grow and people started appreciating the beauty of Pakistan as well as of its people.

Special Safari Steam Train:

Now, to increase the tourism more; Pakistan’s railway minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed inaugurated the ‘Safari Special Train’ on Sunday 17th November which is a steam train that will run from Rawalpindi to Golra. The steam train is the cultural symbol of Pakistan and the reason why this steam is inaugurated is to increase tourism in the country and to tell the world how amazingly breathtaking Pakistan is. The safari train is no ordinary safari with animals and wildlife at the exhibition; rather this safari train will be a way to reach and explore the historical and culturally rich sites of Pakistan which hold much importance to Pakistan as well as to many other countries like India and Britain.

The train commute of Pakistan which was declining for the past decade has now gotten a new revival. This safari train will present the face of Pakistan before the world which it has never seen before. The train will take the tourists on the tour of culturally important places which are situated on the route to Rawalpindi to Golra, the several civilizations and the heritage sites of Pakistan. The Safari Steam Train is one of the best presents which the government of Pakistan has gifted her; because of this train, millions of tourists will be able to enjoy the exquisiteness of Pakistan in nominal prices which will greatly benefit the country in terms of economy.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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