Top 10 OST of Pakistani Movies


Songs are part of life now. They can awake us by keeping it as an alarm tone or make us pick the phone if it is an irritating song or it can keep us active if it is a mood-lifting song.
Pakitan is going up and up, now, when it comes to producing songs of different genres since the drama industry and film industry has flourished. Today, we have so many films and dramas to watch. Instead of Ram Chand, now we have Cake and Moor too that has received appreciation internationally because of their plot and storyline. Similarly, there are dramas too which you cannot miss like Khuda mera bhi hai, Surkh Chandini, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, and many others. These dramas do not have realistic storyline only but their OSTs is also must-to-download.
These films and dramas have taken our hearts with their songs, singers and lyrics. Yet, there are some old TV shows and films whose OSTs are so heart-warming and epic.
Do you want to remember any of them?
If yes, then scroll down or read below!

  • Hona Tha Pyaar:

This song has caught the hearts of many song lovers still with its soft tone and Atif Aslam’s sharp voice that could make a listener to stand up after listening to the whole song.

  • Shakar Wadarein:

Whether you have watched Ho Mann Jahan or not, but you will be familiar with its up-lifting song that can make you to shake your hands and legs.

  • Ghar Narri:

Ghar Nari is added recently in the list of wedding songs and it tune and vice made it must-listen.

  • Balay Balay:

It is the best one for Mehndis. So download it and make yourself active at the time of work.

  • Item Number:

If you are lazy, then it is the fittest song that can wake you up from the soundest sleep instantly.


  • Power Di Game:

Rap songs are love but if you want some reality check in rap form, then download Power Di Game of Verna.

  • Aja Re Aja:

Its upbeat song which can mark your journeys completed!

  • Thaam Lo:

Thaam Lo of Parwaaz Hai Junoon can win your heart in few seconds with soulful lyrics.

  • Meri Duniya:

Its slow music and heart winning lyrics make the song all-time favorite.

  • Bandeya Ho:

This will take you back to Khuda Kay Liye times with its chorus and tick tick of guitar which can move you with the song.

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