Vlogger Ukhano Accused of Sexual Harassment

Sexual allegations and harassment are now picking up the pace and more and more people are now coming up and talking openly about it. But the problem here is how anyone can identify who is right and who is wrong in this scenario. A similar situation has come up with popular Pakistani vlogger Umar Khan aka Ukhano. The vlogger has been in the news for not so good reasons as several sexual harassment claims have been made against him this week as women came forward to talk about how Umar harassed them and acted inappropriately with them. All the news coming up against Ukhano has some screenshots in which the girls are exposing Ukhano and his behavior.

As the allegations against Ukhano got serious, the vlogger came forward to defend himself in a video statement that was one minute long. Ukhano said that people should also listen to his side of the story before jumping on to any conclusion. He said that he has worked with a lot of women and never made them uncomfortable and whatever statements are being made against him are total lies and there is no truth in it. He said that he also has evidence to prove his innocence as harassing someone is against his morals and integrity.

While Ukhano released a video message to clear some confusion, a lot of celebrities also came forward to defend the vlogger saying that people need to listen to both sides of the stories before jumping to any conclusion. Polish vlogger Eva Zu Beck said that she worked with Umar and at no point felt threatened or uncomfortable. Taimoor Salahuddin aka Moroo also said that we need to listen to both sides of the stories before jumping to any conclusion and it should be done this way in this case as well.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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