Why Shaista Lodhi Decided to Quit media? The Untold Secret

Back in 2017, an entertainment celebrity show was started with the renowned actress Samina Pirzada. This web television talk show became popular in no time. It unveiled the other side of the celebrities that were not known to their fans as well. The show highlighted the real behind the screen characters. Samina Pirzada in a very informal way helped them pour out their hearts before their audience. The first show was telecasted on December 22, 2017. With the title Rewind with Samina Pirzada, the show talks of the skills of Samina Pirzada who along with Adnan Butt of Walnut initiated this venture under the banner of Dot Republic Media.

Shaista Lodhi Decided to Quit Media:

In one of the recent episodes, the viewers got the chance to enjoy the chit chat with the versatile doctor turned actress Shaista Lodhi. She ruled the screen for years as the morning show host. She is in the world of entertainment for several years now. It seems the media traits run in their blood as her brother Sahir Lodhi is an equally good star of the current times.

Currently, Shaista Lodhi has distanced from the media world. After spending years in the entertainment industry she has decided to move away from this glamour world. The reason behind her decision was a secret for long. It was her interview with Samina Pirzada that took the secret to light. Shaista is no more associated with any channel but at the same time, she is hosting a web show on YouTube.

Family or Fame of Shaista Lodhi:

While talking to Samina she said that the entertainment industry requires a great deal of time. The most important reason behind her decision was the time she could not spend with her family. The things were so difficult to manage on both the sides. Show biz was rewarding and fun for her. She has beautiful memories to share. There were times the glamour world inspired her but the things have changed now. The lights and glamour no longer are as fascinating for her as they used to be. Quitting the media world has bonded her with the family just like it happened before she entered the media world.

Samina Pirzada asked her if she missed the time she spent in the media world because it is more than a decade. Shaista replied that woman is another name of change. She is a strong and powerful agent to bring about the change in the lives of the people around her. She can do it as a mother, wife, sister and the daughter. There is a man behind changing the life of a woman and this change-making role of the man is important to understand.

She says media is all about rating and for this they do everything.

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