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10 Karachi Salons to Consider Bride-to-be


The winter wedding season is right in the corner, which means that from food to find the best locations for shoots, from shoes to fittings of our favorite dresses and from hairdos to makeup, aren’t girls always up for such things? Everything is on the list of things-to-do before the wedding days arrive. However, amongst everything, there is still something left to do, but there’s always one thing about brides for being legit conscious about their hairstyling and make-up. Though every bride dreamt to look on point at that special big day, how someone can compromise on that, especially girls? NEVER!


You want someone to trust on them for your make-up and here are some salons in Karachi, we trust blindly for our big days when it comes to being a bride.


An experience from a salon where you feel home with your loved ones yet in the hands of a talented and professional, Nighat Misbah at Depilex has been one person thousands have trusted in the decades till now, she has played a huge part in the industry.


A name that almost rhymes stylings and make-ups in the fashion industry. Nabila’s make-up skills are never questions for a bride or any other look you want.


Shamain is one of the most trusted names of brides when it comes to Pakistan. Her skills are so on point, for blushing bride, there’s no better option than to have Shamain by their side to make their big day.


Tariq Amin

Tariq Amin’s salon is also an ode to his larger-than-life personality and that is exactly what a bride can expect whenever they go to salons. They expect personalized experience and luxury when going to Tariq!

Akif Ilyas

Akif Ilyas is a man with skills no one can ever doubt about under one-man army! From styling to his photography, he loves to do everything it all himself, that’s why when brides go to Akif Ilyas, deep down they are sure, they going to have everything they desire for.


Saba Ansari’s Sabs has been a favorite salon amongst Karachi brides. Her work is unique and fresh and her brides get to enjoy an experience that is huge and welcoming at the same time.

Bina Khan

Bina Khan has oodles to make her brides finesse! Her brides are known for traditional looks and styling that perfectly combine with Pakistani traditions.

Sara Salon & Spa

Sara Ali’s brides are known for the dolled-up the way the brides of today ask for, and she always makes sure that she has done that SO PERFECTLY.

Natasha Salon

Grand-daughter of Madam Noor Jahan, her name goes beyond rich heritage. She’s known to keep it real with her looks and if you want to look beautiful yet natural Natasha Salon is the best option for you without going too over the top.

Wajid Khan

His bridals are known to be fresh and complementary to the bride’s looks and that is the thing which makes him trustworthy with your big day.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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