It’s been Five Years to My Divorce, says “Bushra Ansari”


With the rise in social media, everything goes to the public so fast that it has become difficult for public figures to keep their personal and social life separate from each other. Therefore, the two lives mingle and everything comes on Facebook and Instagram easily. News of separation of Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf is in front of us.


Recently, Bushra Ansar- senior actress of Pakistan Drama and Film industry, told in Ahsan Khan’s High show that it has been five years to her divorce. The host asked the actress why she had kept the news hidden from people and viewers. The Barrat series actress aka designer answered that she had seen her senior actors and actresses like Saba Hamid, Shakeel, Rubina Shah Faisal, Uzma Gillani and Bado who kept their lives separate because the saddening event upset their viewers as well, therefore, she, who had kept healthy relations with her family, did not find it suitable to share with them.

She further said that the news was not too saddening to share with them to lessen the pain, therefore, it was better to keep it away from the public or they will upset about it. She gave the example of a couple of Ayesha and Faryal and Tahira and Naeem Bukhari. She said that the news of their separation had broken the hearts of people and their fans. She further clarified that it was the first time she had talked about separation and divorce. She even said that she is not angry with viewers and audience but when the news
celebrities’ disturbances get public, viewers also get disturbed with it. She said it happens in bankers’ and doctors’ life too and it is so personal that’s why she did not share it with anyone.
Bushra Ansari is one of the most celebrated actresses who know how to keep her image and life away from the public in the age of social media; although it has been rumored that she has been married to Iqbal Hussain who knows?
Hence, it is the responsibility of users and viewers not yo comment on the personal lives of celebrities otherwise they will have more disturbances.

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