Sonya Hussain wasn’t Chosen for “Mere Pass Tum Ho”, Says Khalil Ur Rehman

Everyone has their opinion and point of view but the point of view of common men are built by the views of celebrities, showbiz celebrities especially. That’s the reason why everyone has a different opinion about Khalil ur Rehman nowadays.

Khalil ur Rehman was one of the know scriptwriters of Pakistan who received fame because of Sadqay Tumharay, Pyaray Afzal and Mere Pass Tum Ho, most importantly. Mere Pass Tum Ho received the highest TRPs but at the same time, it is the drama that received so much hatred on social media that one of the women even filed a case against it in Sindh Court. In fact, show biz celebrities have a not-so-good opinion about Humanyun Saeed-starred drama serial. Even Sonya Hussain, the lead actress of Ishq Zehnaseeb, said that she refused to play a role in the most discussed drama.

However, the writer ignored her opinion. He said that the actress was not selected to play the role in the drama. He further said that actors are chosen by him for the characters and role. Mera Namm Yusuf Hai writer said that Aisi hai Tanhai actress is not capable to play a role in his written dramas. He said that the actress was his friend.

Although the writer refused to accept it, Sonye Hussain said that she refused because she does not agree with the writer’s ideology.

The news was reported by Urdu Point from Lahore at night.

Sonya Hussain and Khalil ur Rehman are known figures in the Pakistani drama industry. Sonye Hussain known actress who is known because of Nazo, Angan, Ishq Zehnaseeb. The 28-year old actress started her career in 2011 from the drama soap, Dareeche. Her drama Aisi Hai Tanhai received a positive response. She has played a role in the film Moor and Azaadi as well. Her three films are under production: Tich Button, Sorry: A love story and Lufangay.

Khalil ur Rehman, on the other hand, is a scriptwriter who started his career from Dastak aur Darwaza in 1995. The writer was a scriptwriter and actor in the drama. The writer acted as well. Landa Bazar and Boota from Toba Tek Singh are his famous dramas in which he worked as an actor and director. Yet, he received fame as a writer. Bunty I love you, Zara Yaad, Manjali, Laal Ishq and Muhabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai are also his written dramas.

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