Ainne Khalid Got Married : Annie Wedding Pictures

Pakistani Female Pop Singer, Annie Khalid finally got married to a Dubai based Pakistani,  Malik Noureed Awan, Her Husband is a leading business man, who runs one of the largest businesses in the world with the name of MMA Group. Ainne and Noureed had been in love for sometime before they finally decided to get married. Annie has various affairs and pictures of that affairs have been seen earlier, Now She  finally decided to tie the knot with Noureed.

At  day of wedding Annie fell sick  and hospitalized in Lahore.

Lahore District Government Officials tried to arrest Singer Annie Khalid’s husband Malik Noureed Awan today, for disobeying the rules of District Government.

Lahore Government officials, being unaware of the illness of pop singer Annie and her celebrity status, raided on the wedding ceremony and tried to arrest Malik Noureed Awan for not obeying the rules. In Punjab, specially in Lahore, any marriage ceremony is required to get wrapped up before 10 Pm.

According to Geo News, a fight was also seen between the relatives of Malik Noureed and district Govt. officials.

Wedding Pictures of Pop Singer Ainne Khalid:

Wedding pictures (Mehndi and Wedding ceremony) of Ainee Khalid:


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