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Top 50 Pakistani Clothing Brands


Here is the list Top 50 Pakistani Clothing Brands by popularity in Pakistan that you might like (updated in 2021):


1. Gul Ahmed

Summer is incomplete without Gul Ahmed Lawn suits. Gul Ahmed smashing varieties and colours every summer season. Gul Ahmed is a preeminent Pakistani textile provider in the market. The exceptional about Gul Ahmed that it always comes with a diverse range of designs and colors. This summer season you will enjoy the both simple and chiffon lawn by the Gul Ahmed.

2. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is the name of the fashion icon in Pakistan. The quality of Stuff of dresses designed to demands of women regarding the fashion. Their cuts are always simple yet elegant and always gives a very sleek look. Sana Safinaz collections always contain an eastern influence which is always in fashion in Pakistan. In this spring / summer collection of Sana Safinaz come with colours that are suitable for every season. Colour combination used in dresses are typical spring colours along with the mixture of summer shades.


3. Warda

Warda is another clothing brand in Pakistan that is slightly taking the edge over the others. The collection is quite affordable and adds confidence in a woman’s personality. For its vibrant colors blend law collection by Warda Saleem the vivid contrasting patterns made at borders, sleeves and neck area enhance the base colors which include red, maroon, orange, purple, magenta, pink, yellow, blue and black.

4. Nadia Hussain

No wardrobe is complete without Shariq Textile Fabrics. It is one of the most favorite textile industries of Pakistan. The fashion line of Shariq Textile Fabrics by the name of Nadia Hussain for many reasons is on the decisive position. It has the most amazing lawn designs and styles for women of all the ages. The latest lawn prints are classy and brilliant. Markets are filled with customers with the arrival of Nadia Hussain lawn.

5. Firdous Lawn

Firdous Lawn is the other brand in Pakistan best known for remarkable both in term of its designs and hues. The best thing about its clothes are the embroidery. It contained super-hot designs with vibrant dupattas. Firdous prints are matchless and cool. Shirts are decked with matching laces and other accessories like that. There is also a stitched-suits option for the customers. The colors Firdous offers this season are very modern and vigorous.

6. Bareeze Lawn

Bareeze is one of leading fashion brand in Pakistan. Bareeze Lawn Collection has been entered into the market in the outlets along with its gorgeous style. As the fashion changes the women excitedly waits for the upcoming collection. Many clothing brands have launched their lawn collection for the year 2016 -2017 but the Bareeze is a very well-known brand that always comes with vibrant colours and best matching. Bareeze brand has used very quality fabric in its collection that is very internationally popular.

7. Khaadi

Khaadi is among those few Pakistani clothing brands that are best known for having a strong influence on the international level. It products have been always admired by all ages. With a variety of styles, reasonable prices and nice look, Khaadi has always attracted the people of all ages. The clothes of Khaadi are available in multiple sizes and pieces. Moreover, in term of colours, Khaadi is also much featured rich that offers the vibrant colours and sparkling design to its fans.

8. Kayseria


9. Sadia junaid

Sadia junaid is one of the clothing brands in pakistan known for bridal hand embroidery. The quality of Stuff of dresses designed to demands of women regarding the fashion. Their cuts and meassures are insipring,this elegant and women’s choice clothing brands gives a very sleek look. Sadia Junaid collections always contain a latest trend with a traditional touch which is always in fashion in Pakistan. In this seassion the bridal / party collection of sadia junaid came with colours that are suitable for all age . Colour combination used in dresses are typical spring colours along with the mixture of new and nature






Spice up your outfit with the latest brand new collection of Sapphire. It’s fashionable products are going to deliver you a new look like the chic and on-trend with the signature brand of Sapphire. You can purchase the clothes of Sapphire from its official website. Sadia junaid is one of the clothing brands in pakistan known for bridal hand embroidery. The quality of Stuff of dresses designed to demands of women regarding the fashion. Their cuts and meassures are insipring,this elegant and women’s choice clothing brands gives a very sleek look. Sadia Junaid collections always contain a latest trend with a traditional touch which is always in fashion in Pakistan. In this seassion the bridal / party collection of sadia junaid came with colours that are suitable for all age . Colour combination used in dresses are typical spring colours along with the mixture of new and nature.

10. Al Karam

With moderate inventive and interesting silhouettes, Al Karam’s range is a cut above definitive high street prêt. Al Karam brought a refreshing change from the prints and embroidery devoured by other brands and gives a modern look.


11. Nishat

Nishat linen(clothing brand) is launched by Nishat group of industries and their parent organization are Nishat mills. Nishat is a very famous brand which sells ready to wear, unstitched, bags, accessories and home range. Nishat every year launches a beautiful range of lawn, linen, and khaddar with very unique designs and colors. Nishat linen is one of the largest retailers of Pakistan.

12. Limelight

Limelight was started in 2010 and now expanded to 55 or more stores nationwide. Limelight is having alot of heart-stealing products but they are very famous in pret. They deals in women’s formal, casual wear and their accessories. They also have a vide range of kids. They struggle to bring unique colors and designs in both East/West.

13. Ethnic:

Ehthic, an extended group of outfitters provides the most trendy range for women. This women’s brand contains vide range of unstitch but most popular in pret. Their aim is to embrace the ethnic beauty of every women. Ethnic are known by their experimental textiles and vibrant designs with elegant colors.

14. Needle Impressions

Perfect look with simple trendy party wear is what needle impressions deals in. They promise to give you the trendy, stylish and most elegant partywear with high-quality fabric and materials. They have a vibrant range of unstitch formal and party wear and pret also. They also made customized dresses according to client requirements. Get ready and grab the most beautiful wedding wears for your favorite occasions.

15. Ego

Get the most beautiful and finest collection of unstitch and stitch embroidered clothes from Ego. They provide Elegant colors and designs for festive collection with high-grade embroidery. They also deal in trendy western/ Eastern outfits for girls to make them feel special.

16. Satrangi

Are you looking for something different from casual wear? Your stop is here. Almost with 40+ years of experience bonanza extended with its other brand satrangi. They provide trendsetting clothes with superior fabric. They are rich in colours and the combination they provide with embroidery and fancy designs is superb.

17. ELAN

Elan is a successful brand that deals in seasonal unstitch lawn fabric. Elan was first launched in 2012 and from that year it has become the must-have a collection of every year. This brand is specially for those women’s who want to wear international standard quality of fabric and stitching.

18. Republic Woman Wear

Republic women wear is for those women who walk with this updated modern world. Republic deals in modern ready to wear formal bridals and fancy dresses. This brand is known as a luxurious brand for its amazing detailing and keen work. They have wide range of heavy stonework dresses.

19. Beechtree

Beechtree was launched in March 2010. This brand is very ambitious for creating the most beautiful and trendy ready to wear clothes for women’s. Beechtree is also very famous for its heavy formal pret along with its elegant 3-piece/2- piece unstitch collection.

20. Crescent Lawn

The cresent lawn is yet another very famous lawn brand. Cresent was previously joint with Faraz Manan. Women’s trust Cresent lawn for its affordability and quality. They have vibrant verity of lawn suits with trendy colors. They also have vide range in linen and khaddar.

21. Mausummery Lawn

Mausummery Lawn established in 2001 and it is another leading brand infamous lawn industry. No doubt Mausummery has got fame from its lawn collection but you can also have cambric, linen, khaddar, viscose, velvet, silk and cotton collection with unique designs from it. Mausummery is enjoying its sale all across Pakistan.

22. Bonanza

Bonanza is leading with its excellence over 80+ outlets in Pakistan. Bonanza was established in 1976 but with 40+ years of experience, they have launched their brand Bonanza/Satrangi who deals in women. This brand Bonanza is for a man who deals in men’s formal clothing, summer/ winter stuff, and accessories, ethnic wear and knits. Bonanza is very famous in its designs and men’s ready to wear stuff.

23. Thredz

In this world of fashion need, Thredz was established in 2004 and become one of the leading brands who deals in designer wear outfits. They have a wide range for both men and women. They have an amazing collection of handwoven stitch and unstitch clothes, Pret kurtas for men/women and very stylish formal outfits. They aim to provide high-quality, latest trendy and vibrant color outfits to customers.

24. Leisure Club

Leisure club was one brand who founded in 2002. In no time the Leisure Club has made its name in the fashion industry. They deal in men’s/ women’s and kid’s outfits. They have a wide range of trendy colors and the latest fashionable dresses which fit in everyone’s desire. Their kid garments are also growing rapidly and having an amazing demand in the kid’s industry. The Leisure club deals with international stuff and quality.

25. Shariq Textiles

Shariq textiles are yet another brand with an amazing name in the lawn industry who actually worth fashion in Pakistan. They provide designers wear to magnificent lawn dresses. A lot of famous brands are working under Shariq textiles banner and also providing the best fabric with an amazing quality not to ruin its name. Their chiffon collection is also very famous and very worth buying.

26. Chenone

Chen-one is a very famous multichannel brand. They are dealing with a lot of products like men clothing, bedding, home accessories, kitchen gadgets and accessories, footwear and furniture. Chen-one is a group of Chenab limited. They are known as the largest exporters of home products and furniture from Pakistan. Chen-one has made its name in bedding. They have a wide range of very unique bedsheets with elegant designs.

27. Generations

Generations are one of the topmost talked brands in Pakistan. Decade to decade they deal under many collections since 1983. They deal with the formal, semi-formal, ready-to-wear, embroidery techniques for prets, local, cultural, and traditional for men and women. In short, Generations is the place where you wouldn’t get disappointed or regret coming too.

Designer Clothing Brands:

28. Shahid Afridi

Our very own and favorite cricketer recently launched his own clothing brand with the name Hope Not Out. It is all about giving hope to the people of Pakistan and all across the world that together we can build an empire. All of the products are being made in Pakistan and they deal with the science of fabric, yarn, and dynamics.

29. Maria B

It was founded by Maria Butt in 1999. They deal with the ready-to-wear, unstitched, pret, formal, semi-formal, lawn, embroidered fabrics, linens, kinds of cotton and haute couture. Maria B is everyone’s number one choice either for women for kids. They made clothes on every variety from couture to pret and made their clothes cheaper so they can have more access to their sales.

30. Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is originally a fashion designer but also opt. as model and actor and is one of most of Pakistan’s influential fashion designers. They deal with the urban contemporary women’s chic and high fashionable sleek cuts and intricate detailing from ready-to-wear formal to couture.

31. Chinyere

Chinyere is the clothing brand that deals with an immense variety of legit everything. They have everything one could ask for. From formal shirts, tops, suits, and bottoms to casuals, prints, tops/shirts, trousers, ghagras, and adding more to its immense variety of accessories on bags, shawls, stole, and dupatta. Chinyere is the place where you can fulfill your desire needs.

32. Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain by Shariq Textiles is basically one of the most fashionable brands to have in your wardrobe. It comes in bright colors, perfect combinations of embroidery and prints, and the great thing is a mixture of eastern blend, stitched and unstitched collection. An attire of 3 pieces full suits for casual, formal, and semi-formal collection.

33. HSY Hassan Sheheryar Yasin

HSY aka Hassan Shehryar Yasin is one of the most selling and wearing bridal brands of Pakistan. They deal with very authentic wedding dresses, party wear, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, saree, and formal kurtas. A western wear collection featuring apparel for both men and women here for no gender discrimination for it and an equal number of outfits for both were shown.

34. Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is a well-known fashion designer all around the country. He continues to work on perfection and Asim plans to create more buzz and dress Pakistani women breaking all the stereotypes fabulously along the way. They deal with the embroidered collection, bridal couture, festive mysorie, luxury lawn, and organza collection.

35. Aamir Adnan

Aamir Adnan is a well-known fashion designer groom wear. They deal with in casual, luxury, prets, haute couture, bridals, and formals. They design their dresses accordingly to the latest trends and styles. They work on fabrics like cambric, linen, velvet, silk, viscose, and cotton.

36. Suffuse by Sana Yasir

Suffuse by Sana Yasir was named because of its fashion sense and delicate designs. They give signature floral patterns, intricate aesthetics, glittering embellishments caters to customized formal and evening wears. They refined pret, semi-formals, formals, wedding wear, and bridal couture. Perfect brand to get your hands on Suffuse by Sana Yasir!

37. Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari is not only none in Pakistan but worldwide and basically our celebrities’ first choice for their wedding outfits. Nomi Ansari’s bridal dresses are available at different stores all around the globe including the leading countries the USA, Singapore, and Canada. They deal between formal, semi-formal, and bridal dresses and plays an amazing color game with his dresses.

38. Samsara

Samsara is the brand for your whole wardrobe and a time to say hello to your new wardrobe. Samsara legit offers everything you could ask for from clothing to foot-wear, from foot-wear to accessories, and from accessories to jewelry. They also provide free shipping on our favorite stock. They have basic categories for jumpers, poncho, and tops in clothing and a huge category collection on bags and scarfs.

39. Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed is the biggest brand that expands its store network to 100+ outlets nationwide and globally expands to 20 outlets in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, Qatar, and much more. They deal with the outfits of men and women of all ages in different categories and textiles like chiffon, cotton, lawn, cambric, and silk. I also deals under eastern wear, perfumes, footwear, and some major accessories for women.

40. Zahra Ahmed

Zahra Ahmad is a brand that we can trust for our every outfit. They premium serve their customers with the best quality dresses and deals them like the best they could with bridals, luxury, wedding wear, and pret. They do also have their unstitched collection named as Gul-Moher Manzil.

41. Tabassum Mughal

Tabassum Mughal is an outclass fashion designer of Pakistan and her brand is out looked all around the globe. They deal with a variety of collections on their festive as luxury lawn, formal, semi-formal, chiffon, and elegant lawn suits which are easily available online. They offer 3 pieces and 2 pieces of luxury lawn suits and luxurious organza and chiffon.

42. Ammar Belal

Ammar Belal is the only Pakistani brand that outsources its manufacturing to Europe. Recently, they launched there men’s wear collection of jeans and shirts on the highest international standards of quality to offer their super luxury collections on accessories and women ready-to-wear clothes.

43. Bunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi is well-known for her attention to detail and her intricate designs. She has gained a huge name for herself in the bridal world. Bunto Kazmi is the best choice for someone who loves tiny details for their wedding joras with an elegant design and allure based on the super amazing color scheme.

44. Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid is the brand rich in culture and traditions based on the appreciation of art and heritage. They deal with bridals, luxury pret in the legacy collection, the NS wardrobe, Divine Fiesta, and an Opulent Affair, formal, semi-formal, menswear deals with couture and wedding, jewelry in Artisan Bliss, and shawls.

45. Nida Azwer

Nida Azwer creations are handcrafted in Pakistan using pure fabrics including linen, chiffon, hand-woven, silks, and brocade. Her hand line also includes ‘Nida Azwer Kids’, Haute Couture and Bridal Lines, also her ready-to-wear collection majorly using block printing and minimal embroidery are roaming around recently. Nida Azwer does have her seasonal exhibitions throughout Pakistan.

46. Farhan and Ambreen

F&A aka Farhan and Ambreen mainly capture and works on simplicity and style infused in traditional trousers and long shirts. They have come up with trousers, plain shirts, and elegant goddess dresses, the neckline, shirt borders, and sleeves with flirty ruffles, block prints, machine embroideries, stonework such as sheer net, organza, silk, and chiffon.

47. Zainab Sajid

Zainab Sajid’s clothing symbolizes the cultural heritage of the east fused together with the eastern sense. They elaborate elements, innovative, embellishment, cuts, and utilize the finest fabrics of which they can. They deal under chiffon and silks as ideal glamour cloth for their brand and play accordingly with colors and never disappoint their customers.

48. Lajwanti

Lajwanti is basically the name that defines the aim of self-designing or grooming and continues to win the hearts of fashion lovers. They deal with an immense number of accessories like footwear, handbags, and jewelry. Also, it deals with men’s and women’s bridal couture and formal and semi-formal outfits. Lajwanti is an entire treat, doesn’t it?

49. Tena Durrani

Tena Durrani is the most hyped and considered to be the most fashionable brand. They deal with in formal, semi-formals, a huge collection of bridal as Feme, Nur, Rara Avis, Zeb, Platinum Series, Kareena Kapoor, A Rouge Affairs, Omorse, Bano, and what not! Besides these pret and luxury lawns as well as Tena’s Signature are now in trend and who can forget TN Events and Celebrity File Style?

50. Zainab Chottani

Zainab Chottani is a well-known fashion designer for her bridal wear. She is leading and displayed her creations in Pakistan on a larger scale. They deal with in casual, luxury, prets, haute couture, bridals, and formals. They design their dresses accordingly to the latest trends and styles. They work on fabrics like cambric, linen, chiffon, velvet, silk, viscose, and cotton.

This post is based on popularity and other factors we are not affiliated with any of the brands listed above.

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