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Ali Zafar now 2nd most Sexiest Person in Asia

Ali Zafar who has recognized as a musician,singer,actor,painter and a model in Pakistan is now ranked on the 2nd number in the list of hot


and sexiest Asian man alive in the world.He is well liked for his abundant musical talent, humanitarian causes and more recently, as an ambassador of peace in Pakistan but also for his charming smile and good looks.Ali Zafar won the 2nd place in the list of 2012, which is a proof of his talent and work because of which his fans selected him for this rank in the result of a poll held worldwide including continents Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

It is not only the rank he has achieved but the fact that he has beaten the big Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.As the first place has taken by Hrithik Roshan, second place by Ali Zafar, Salman Khan on third, Shahid Kapoor on fourth, Sidharth Malhotra at fifth, Kushal Tandon at sixth, Shahrukh Khan at seventh, John Abraham at eighth, Ranbir Kapur at ninth, Zayn Malik at 12lth and Atif Aslam at 20th.The results were published by Britain’s Number 1 Weekly Asian newspaper, Eastern Eye.

Asjad Nazir, editor of the Eastern Eye said,

“Ali Zafar is one star who ticks all the boxes, who is a terrifically talented singer, actor and musician. The fact that he is good-looking and a devoted family man has added to his appeal with fans around the world. I think he will go from strength to strength in Bollywood and wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood comes calling”.

Hrithik Roshan lead the poll by covering the first place and also selected as a most sexiest Asian man on the planet for the second time in a row, but Alee
Xafer is the first Pakistani who ranked the 2nd place among the other most favorite stars like  Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan.

Upon hearing the news Ali commented,

“It’s always interestingly heartwarming to be made aware of the admiration people have of you. I want to thank all my fans and Eastern Eye magazine for the apotheosis.”

This achievement shows the increasing number of his fans and hope so he will be crowned as the most sexiest asian man in the world in next poll.

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