Amazing Facts and Traits of Children

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  Alfred Adler was one of the first 1st theorists to suggest that birth order influences personality. Researches show that a person’s birth order has a direct link with his or her personality. Developmental Psychologists are working on the psycho-socio factors of diverse traits adopted by the children according to the birth order and birth patterns. Being psychologist, I have taken out commonalities of such children and made a list points wise. I am eager to spread this information so that most of people living among us are understood well. Starting from only child to all boys or all girls, the traits can be observed around us. The parents and friends of children should keep in view such characteristics before dealing them in a rude manner.

Only Children
(greater 1st born)

Special type of birth order

Most of these only children do posses characteristics commonly associated with the aggressive first born

First Born in Triplicate

Extreme versions of first born children

Extremist in all aspects of life

Only child Traits

Mature faster



Attentions seekers

Prefer adult company

Have difficulty sharing


One is usually stronger or more active.

Parents may see one as the older.

Can have identity problems.

Stronger one may become the leader.


Child born after the death of the first child may have a “ghost” in front of him. Mother may become over-protective.

Child may exploit mother’s over-concern for his well-being, or he may rebel, and protest the feeling of being compared to an idealized memory.


Parents may be so thankful to have a child that they spoil him. They may try to compensate for the loss of his biological parents.

Child may become very spoiled and demanding. Eventually, he may resent or idealize the biological parents.


Usually with women all the time, if father is away.

May try to prove he is the man in the family, or become effeminate.


Older brothers may act as her protectors.

Can become very feminine, or a tomboy and outdo the brothers.

May try to please the father.


If mother wanted a girl, can be dressed as a girl.

Child may capitalize on assigned role or protest it vigorously.


May be dressed as a boy.

Child may capitalize on assigned role or protest it vigorously.


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