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Veena Malik Astagfaar Show Finally Broadcast on Hero TV

(Last Updated On: 16/08/2012)

Veena Malik known for her scandals and spicy news, now joined Hero TV to host a Ramadan Special TV Show like Aamir Liaquat Hussain and Maya khan.when the news of this show disclosed in social media very harsh reaction was observed against the show.And it was announced this show will not be broadcast.As the promo of the show generated hefty TRPs for a local TV channel, the management team of the show decided to bring Veena back on air.

Veena Malik Astagfaar Show finally broadcasted on Hero TV on 5th August 2012 at 8:00 pm. Episode 1 of Veena Malik’s religious show Astagfaar has made it to airwaves today.

Veena said

“I am very happy my show “Astaghfar” is going to be on air I thanks “Allah” for giving me such opportunity to host this show. Its people’s loves which bring me back on the show.”



Veena Malik Astagfaar Show:


Live Marriage Proposal to Veena Malik in show:

Veena astaghfar on nach and gana:

Veena Malik saves a girl’s life on Hero TV:

A man does Astaghfar:

Bhoot on Veena malik:



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