Dancer Nargis Left Showbiz and Plans to be a Islamic Scholar

Nobody is familiar with Ghazala but when her media name Nargis is called upon, no time is spent to guess the celebrity. 38 years old Nargis is a well known stage dancer who started her showbiz career as film actress in Lollywood twenty years ago. She performed in several popular Urdu and Punjabi Pakistani feature films like Shartia Mithay, Mummy, Mafia, Kuri Munda Razi, Dopatta, Aao pyar Karen, Long da lashkara, Yaar Badshah, Babbu Khan, Daaman aur Chingari, Choorian as side roles and few leading roles like in Danda Peer (1994) with legend Sultan Rahi or Soha Jora (2009,produced by her husband Zubair Shah) with Shaan. She has performed with many Lollywood stars like Rambo,Sahiba,Moammar Rana, Reema,Saima in films. She earned popularity when she started doing stage dances. She was awarded a title of Dance Queen on her sizzling performances on love songs and Indian songs. She worked in stage plays and dances Gojra, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad and other cities of Punjab. Her gaudy acting and beauty has made her the first choice among the stage viewers. Many dance video CDs have been released in market in past decade till now. She hosted a TV show “Nargis and Naughty show” and increased her fans by her garish performance.

Being popular in a meticulous class, many controversies roam regarding Nargis affairs (with underworld Don), allegations of murder case and success behind her career. Nargis performed Hajj in 2010 and found spiritual strength. At the peak of fame and name, Nargis decided to quit showbiz six years ago but had to continue working to pay back debts and for completing her beauty parlor in Canada. Nargis appeared with covered head in a press conference at her residence in Lahore on 24th Oct,2012 and  broke out the unanticipated news of her bid farewell to showbiz and become a religious scholar. During the conference, she rejected accusations of getting Juna Butt murdered and swore by the Quran as well.She further refuted claims of giving money to professional killers for killing a trader named Shehzad and told that she was wrongly involved in the case. She said that she has to face such type of baseless allegations whenever she go to international tour. She said, “ I am in constant contact with Maulana Tariq Jamil, famous Muslic scholar( whom she once claimed that he has made her a daughter),for the purpose of learning Islamic teachings”.In order to become a practicing Muslim, she will now pursue religious education i.e Alima course. She showed hope that her followers will also follow the same path.

Nargis currently resides in Canada with her husband Zubair Shah, son Ali and daughter Masooma. She now runs a beauty parlor/spa/saloon in Markham,Canada.

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