Indo:Pak Showdown – Pakistan vs. India Cricket series

(Last Updated On: 03/11/2012)


The Ice berg of trust deficit melted at last. BCCI announced the schedule of Ind-Pak series today.   Tour starting on 25th December one day before the boxing day. Last time indo.pak series was held in2007-2008. But after the horrible incident of 26/11 2008 Mumbai attacks, it seemed almost impossible that two old rivals could have chance to knock out his opponent  in the battle field of Cricket. Beside this politically and symbolically mingled hurdle, the introduction of IPL to tackle the adventure  of  unofficial ICL league headed by  noted sports channel. The counter punch of BCCI to defuse the bomb of  ICL opens the new heaven of  money market .IPL was a big commercial success which was not only the filler of indo.pak series but also injected billions in the treasure of BCCI. By passing the detail dissection of Indo-Pak hanged up series as it expressed that the devil is in the detail. It is a good sign for world cricket ,Especially for the people of  both sides they will have  chance to support their team and eventually support the cricket .It will be more satisfactory for everyone that the battle field is cricket stadium and  lethal weapons are bat and ball.

Here’s a look on the Pakistan vs. India schedule of the series :

 25 December: 1st T20 International at Bangalore

 27 December: 2nd T20 International at Ahmadabad

 30 December: 1st One Day International at Chennai

 3 January: 2nd One Day International at Kolkata

 6 January: 3rd One Day International at Delhi

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