Italy Spain Draw 1-1

A tremendous game from both sides as two world champions came head to head in Euro Cup which ended as draw. Both teams went with out goal on half time but second half had goals for both the teams, Di-Natale from Italy in 59th minute scored the first goal of the match and it looked it will be tough for spain to level but it was Fabregas to score in the 63rd min to draw the game. After Fabregas goal spain dominated the game.Fabregas was replaced with Torress who is bad form from from last 18 months he fluffed two chances in the end which could have made the game for Spain.Both teams were level at 90 mins additional 3 mins couldn’t decide the game as well.

In the end it was a well deserved draw as both are back to back  world champions.

Faisal Sardar

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