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Meera Hosting ”Cafe Meera” On Samaa TV

(Last Updated On: 27/08/2012)

After Reema khan Pakistani actress Meera is hosting a show on Samaa TV with name ”Café Meera ”.Few months back Reema Khan was hosting a show Reema show on Samaa TV. This is the first time that Meera is hosting any show. The show broadcast on every Sunday at 8:05 PM and repeats on Monday at 1:05 PM.

Meera show is not famous as Reema show but Café Meera is increasing its audince every week and show is becoming popular gradually. In the end of the show bloopers are shown in which Meera mistakes are shown which are quite funny. However Meera has done quite a good job and according to her critrics she has done farely well in hosting Café Meera.

The show will be a mixture of entertaining segments. In each episode a guest politician will either sing his/her favorite song or perform on it. A small gaming competition will keep the show more engaging. Various stand-up comedians will tickle your funny bone in each episode.  One lucky viewer can win a chance to dine with Meera by sending maximum SMS

Opening of Cafe Meera:

Funny Meera bloopers:

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