Razia Butt Pakistani Famous Novelist Passes Away At 89

(Last Updated On: 07/10/2012)

Razia Butt  Pakistani famous Urdu novelist passed away on Thursday at the age of 89 after a long time of illness. She felt pain in her chest late on Thursday night and subsequently went unconscious She was under medical treatment at a DHA hospital.
Razia Butt was born in Rawalpindi on May 19 1924. She is known as the first ranked novelist of Pakistan, as her stories are full of recreation and lessons for the society.
She authored around 51 novels and 350 short stories including Bano, Mamly dil kay, Qurban Jaon, Spain ka Safar, Dastaan, Najia and Saeqa that are considered her best literary works  & Chahat, Rabi, Naila, Zindagi, Aashi and many others.

Seven of Razia Butt’s novels had been adapted into the movies. Apart from this many drama serials were also made on her stories.like Saiqa and Dastaan.

In an interview of Raiza Butt told that she used to read the novels of then famous novelists clandestinely as it was a activity for young girls in those days.

Sharing an interesting occurrence about her love for the Urdu language Razia Butt had that said she was in the 10th grade when she got cent per cent marks in Urdu. Her principal, who was an English woman, bring her exam paper at her teacher saying it is not possible to obtain cent percent in a language paper. Her teacher replied that if it was possible reward 150 out of 100, she would have done so.

Razia Butt was impressed with the role of media, about which she had said.

“Media has made it easy for me now, with its numerous shows on culture and literature, to get my dose of knowledge without reading.”

Surprisingly, contrary to her novelistic nature, Razia Butt was no longer interested in watching TV plays and movies and instead she preferred to watch National Geographic channel. Razia Butt had said.

“There are so many people in the house and each wants to watch a different channel, so I don`t get the opportunity to watch movies on TV. However, whenever possible, I do watch National Geographic channel as I am very fond of that, and if I get the time and the chance, I watch a play occasionally,”

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