17 Years Old Girl Wants to Marry Altaf Hussain

But love is blind, and lovers cannot see what petty follies they themselves commit”


Shakespeare truly said that and a real life example of this quote is a 17 years old teen, Azka. She has shown her utmost urge to espouse Mutahida Qoumi Movement’s fifty-nine years leader Altaf Hussain.
Azka was a seventeen years old teenage girl. She was a pharmacy student and is very reckless, adventurous and bold. She went to ARY MUSIK reality show where she took an interview for Waqar Zaka. The theme of that show was to speak the truth. And the demand for the contestant was his daring and dauntless attitude.
Azka insisted in her interview that she really wants to marry “Altaf H”. He is the apple of her eye. She said that she is very serious about it and Altaf is her dream guy. He comes in her dreams. MQM leader dates with her in her fantasy world. Sometimes they date on the beach and sometimes in Sheesha Café. She said that she is the best girl for Altaf Hussain. He is the apple of her eye. And her claim is totally solemn and sober. She has never shared such longing with anyone else but in Waqar Zaka’s daring show, she is speaking her heart out, without mixing any lie to it.

She told the host that she is not lying to draw any attention or anything rather her aim is to reach Altaf Hussain in real. She is the one who could caress him and love him more than anybody else.
Talking about her plans with Altaf Hussain, she said that she is totally ready to surrender for Altaf Hussain. She knows what she is saying and what could be the consequences of this kind of marriage. She is even ready to accept his daughter, Afza Altaf and become his second wife.
The interview video has a top ranking over the internet and it has become the most shared video on the Facebook. People have shown several responses about it.  Some have called it a mere attention seeking video, which is only aired to defame Mutahida Qoumi Movement’s beloved chief “Altaf Bhai”. But for others it is about an undaunted and adventurous teen girl, who was trying to prove how heroic she is. She could also be an MQM devotee and Altaf Hussain is a sign of aspiration for her young mind.
17 Year Old Girl Wants To Marry Altaf Hussain:


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