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3 IPL Players Arrested for Spot Fixing -

3 IPL Players Arrested for Spot Fixing

(Last Updated On: 17/05/2013)

Well it’s been proved that Mumbai is the centre of bookies and players who wants to earn black money then Mumbai is the best place for it. IPL that is gaining attention all over the world and players love to be the part of it, its organizers have two worry now for its transparency and has to protect it against the bookies who captures its pray with the help of huge amount of money.This time 3 players have been arrested for spot fixing in three different games, all of these belong to  Rajishtan Royals. Those three players include Sreesanth, Chavan and Chandila. It is been told by Delhi Police commissioner that Chavan was given 60 lakh rupees for his 14 runs over and Sreesanth and Chandila were given 40 lac each.

These players were handed over to police for 5 day remand. These players were caught as their phones were intercepted. Bookies asked these players to give certain signs before bowling the over in which they have to gift runs. An example of such sign was that Sreesanth have to put the towel on right side before bowling that specific fixed over. Raul Dravid has called it a tough day for him, his team and cricket. Indian Premier League can’t bear such incidences as such incidences are dark spots on authenticity of such mega tournaments. The videos of spot fixing are here under.



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