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5 Android Applications for Improved Battery Life of Smartphones

Do you wish that your Android smartphone battery should last longer than it normally does? Indeed the answer will be yes. The obvious reasons for fast consumption of battery include things like large display screen, addiction of mobile games and a non-user friendly application design. All these things cause the battery to be consumed far more quickly than it usually would.

Although the platform of Android has evolved and improved in many areas like task management has made it quite easy and smart to manage multitasking yet the complaint of fast battery consumption remains there and none of the smartphone’s battery has delivered what the consumer really wants.

To combat with this weakness of the smartphones, Android developers have been working on this area to find out ways that can improve the battery life of a smartphone. However the perfect solution is yet to be discovered. Till then one can rely on some of the best apps available out there to prolong the battery life of a smartphone.

1. Juice Defender

There are a lot of options that comes with Juice Defender. This free app allows you to manage mobile data, Wi-Fi connection and the Bluetooth connection. Built in preset modes are available and you can switch between “Aggressive” and “Balanced”. You can choose what apps are going to keep your screen on and which are not. There are two paid versions of Juice Defender. Juice Defender Plus costs you $ 1.99 while Juice Defender Ultimate costs $ 4.99. The selection of the version really depends upon what options and level of control do you need. There are “Extreme” and “Customized” modes in Plus version as well as location-aware Wi-Fi. Scheduling for the night hours is also shipped with it. Ultimate version claims to have settings for weekends and peak hours, GPS controls in depth and autosync options.

2. Battery Defender

Battery Defender is another app that is free and provides a wide variety of options. It might be of less importance to most smartphone users, but for some the feature of exact battery percentage might be very important. It actually is quite precise as compared to the stock battery percentage indicator.

The provision of access to toggling GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. on and off becomes quick and effortless with this app. New smartphones might have this feature built in but if you are using older or relatively less popular models, you might feel blessed by having this app.

Another worth mentioning feature of this app is “Genius Scan” that will let your smartphone to sync every fifteen minutes. The “Quiet Sleeping” option will disable Wi-Fi and other data connections in the night time.

3. Go Power Master Battery Saver

Need a flexible one, go for this app which is designed by Go Dev Team. One simple flick on the screen allows you to switch between different preset modes. It makes much easier to switch to your desired mode when you are done with games. If you don’t like the standard mode that the app comes with, you don’t need to worry as you have a couple of slots available to make custom settings to the app.

It detects your running apps and determines which apps are consuming more battery power than the other apps. The app determines which features you can enable and disable to make your battery last long. Optimize button will get rid of everything running extra and can improve the battery life around one hour or even more.

Like previous apps, this one is free and it does have a premium version which boasts dozens of extra features. You can pay $ 4.99 to get upgraded to the premium version and use the schedule settings, advanced controls for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and an “extreme” mode.

4. Autorun Manager

This app allows you to choose what app will run when you boot your smartphone. It also comes with a basic and advanced mode. Basic mode will let your smartphone terminate the selected apps immediately when you boot your smartphone. Some apps might pop up again and start running but you can leave them alone. Advanced mode lets you have more control over widgets, receivers and system-wide actions. Free version of this app run ads but you can get the key and have a pro version for $ 3.99. This will keep the apps from starting to run which the basic mode cannot shut down completely. The pro version allows you to block around ten receivers in the advanced mode.

5. Tasker

Among all the apps mentioned here, this one has its own place. It is not just good at shutting down the tasks and extends the battery life but it gives you an automated Android experience. You can set a timer for sleeping and working hours. During sleeping hours, the app will disable connections. This can be set during the working hours. If you have a fixed schedule, you can schedule the settings and it will automatically shut down the connections.

Tasker also helps to manage media, texts, calls and various other Android functions. $ 2.99 does not mean much if you can learn to know the capabilities of this app.

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