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Mahira khan Insulted in a Morning Show

Mahira khan Insulted by Phone Caller in a Morning Show

Mahira Khan, a well-celebrated Pakistani model and thespian is put down in a show. It was a Morning Show, called “Muskurati Morning” on TV ONE network. The show anchor was the handsome Faisal Qureshi. And Mahira K appeared as an invited guest. A strange female call-attender snubbed her very harshly, for her dialing a wrong number. It was Faisal Qureshi’s choice to challenge her for dialing a dumb call and prove her identity to the person on the other side.Mahira showed a little hesitation about this but on Faisal ‘s persuasions she agreed.  She agreed to Faisal and began dialing numbers. After a lot of trials, she tried that ‘’stranger abusive lady’s number. She picked up the call and inquired about her.
She started to converse with the women in a nice tone but this infuriated her. While asking about her drama choice, particularly about Mahira’s famous Drama, Humsafar”, the women replied harshly and said she did not need to watch plays as it’s time of earthquakes and Mahira want her to answer about casual things like drama. It was a shocking reply on her behalf but Mahira and Faisal did not end up here. They kept laughing and mocking the lady’s opinion. They called it a “Lecture”.

For Mahira and Faisal, it was just a casual call to chit chat and fun on their show but it seems that the call-attender did not like such kind of attitude. She was a serious person and for her, watching plays, dramas did not matter. She spoke about wrath of God in the form of earthquakes and things like that, and she did not answer to Faisal Qureshi when he tried to speak to her on Mahira Khan’s behalf. On listening to a male’s voice she struck the phone, leaving Mahira and Faisal awful and stunned.
The dumb-call of Mahira Khan did not prove to be a good experience for her, she was in a good mood to chat with someone on the phone but things went wrong when she was offended for no reason.

Mahira khan Insulted by Phone Caller in a Morning Show:

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  1. mujh se koi director rabta kren plz
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  2. dekho kese besharmo ki trh daant nikaal rahi hay

  3. Ye itni pyari hay to nahi jitna banti hay -_-

  4. hi Mahira Khan i like u so muchhhhhhhhh i m from assam

  5. Why do all the actors become stupid when they appear on morning shows?

  6. Well its their own fault for dialing to an unknown person like this.

    In proper terminology this is called 'prank calling'.

    Its obvious that the girl would be offended and annoyed by an unknown caller.

    And the things she said to Mahira Khan werent wrong either.

  7. omg lol 😀

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