Aaj TV Website Hacked by Pakistani Hacker

Another Pakistani website goes down to a hacker. The hacker is Pakistani and he wants to be called H4$N4!N H4XOR. Not a strange nick if you are a hacker because these kinds of nicks are common in the field of hacking.

This time the website that has been exposed of the dreadful security is Aaj.tv which is the official website of Aaj Television. The hacker has access to the entire data present inside their website. This includes their usernames and passwords, email addresses, webmail and any other type of sensitive and private data that is present online on this website.

Fortunately for Aaj Television, the hacker is Pakistani and according to the hacker, he did not want to defame the organization and that is why he sent an email to the webmaster, showing him the proof that the data was accessed by him and warned him.

This is the same hacker that hacked 8XM and Geo.tv websites on previous occasions. His motive behind hacking these websites is to tell Pakistani webmasters how lame they are as far as security of the websites is concerned. This is the reason Indian hackers and other hackers easily access and hack Pakistani websites. He urged the webmasters that Pakistani websites should be more secure and this way cyber arena of Pakistan can be guarded against external hacking attempts.

Although his intentions might be right, but he rather got criticism from the webmasters who alleged him of criminal activities by penetrating into their websites without permission and authorization.

Umar Farooq

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