Actress Resham is back after 7 years in Swarangi

The Resham is a famous Pakistani film star and actress but from previous some years she was not seen in the industry, she said that she was busy in her home life with her husband and some problems. She performed many films and all are liked by the Pakistani people. She is now coming back in films again after seven years and she is coming with a new film named Swarangi. Now Resham’s comeback in films again after a gap of seven years with a new film ‘Swarangi’ and this film will hit cinemas next month. This film is now in its own. It is a traditional movie and it is not like the film in which the hero runs with heroine around the trees. Although Resham performed such film with film star Shan and others in which they run around the trees. The subject of this new coming movie is around the drug addiction and this is of one hour and 30 minutes it is an Urdu movie which revolves around the menace of drug addiction and its consequences on health and its bad effects on society. The story of this movie is about the life, fate, sacrifice and survival.

The story of this film is this; Salma is a lady who is very sensitive about her home, husband, children’s and she have a lot love for her husband, family and home, she loves her husband but her husband Jamal is agree with her and he do not like his wife and he has no respect and love for his wife Salma decide to leave the home and Jamal due to his violence upon her but later she change her decision and Jamal is not the easiest man to get along with so for the sake of their childrens she plans to stay with him.

On the other side Jamal is a heroin addict, so he is dependent on Salma’s instincts to protect her wedding avowal so he can take advantage of her honorability and her love to get his daily fix. He also blackmails Salma not to leave the home so that he can get his daily fix. Salma tries her best to change his habits but he cannot change the habits. Then she decided to stand against the odds and struggle everything she got from her husband. The cast of this film includes Resham, Ayub Khoso, Naveed Akbar, Waseem Manzoor, Hamza Mushtaq, Shahzaib Johar, Zulfiqar Gullshahi, Aftab Nisar, Abrar Husain and Umar Farooq. This film is based on the facts and realities of the mainawali and in this film it is trying to give the real look to these events and facts of the city.  This film is based on the real events and shot in Mianwali to give it a natural look. The writer and director of the film is Fida Husain. He is famous innovative and canvas artists he has also directed many song videos and movies. The producer of this film is Mazhar Abbas. It is independently financed film of resham.


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