After HBL & ABL Now MCB Website Hacked

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(Last Updated On: 23/07/2013)

Pakistan bank hackers are at extremes of hacking and they have decided not to leave any bank without hacking. HBL (Habib Bank Limited) is one of the largest banks of Pakistan but the hackers and cheaters cut it and HBL faces largest lows in its history. After hacking and leaking the data and all information’s from the HBL same group of hackers hack the Allied Bank of Pakistan this is also one of the largest banks of the country. Hackers hack the websites of these banks and get all information from the website. Now after hacking these two banks hackers hack the Muslim commercial bank .They said that have previously warned the bank about its security flaws, but these banks have not taken their warning seriously and they have hacked he banks. Two hackers called Dr Freak and Exploiter hack the Muslim bank.
These hackers have already hacked the HBL and ABL banks. When they hack the two banks before this they said that they have security plans with Pakistan cyber and propakistan and cyber has allowed them to hack the banks, that’s why are going to hack all banks because they have no fear from any side. There is no law against hackers. Therefore, they have no fear and continuing their work of hacking. It is said that these hackers are not previous ones but some people are saying that these are same ones who hack the previous banks. In last week hackers hack the HBL and ABL and in this week they have hacked the MCB. Before HBL and ABL, hackers hack the Sonari, HBL and allied bank, after hacking the banks the hackers always left a message on the website of the bank that is being hacked.

Now after hacking the MCB hackers left the following message on the website of the bank.

Did not u GOt the lesson after Pknic soneri bank hbl and allied bank huh secure your shits Secure Pakistan cyber space zindabad xploiter and Dr.Freak

So this is a so shameful thing for Pakistan cyber ABL propakistan who have allowed the hackers and there is no had ruled against them. It is not confirmed that to what extent they have hacked the website however the pretty end of the MCB is hacked when they open the website a hacked page welcomed them and there was a message by the hackers that is mentioned above. Hackers have also said that they even force Pakistan banks to secure their sites and make laws against hackers but the Pakistan government has not taken it seriously. After all these hacking attempts it appears that financial records and transactions are at risk and this is why the issue should be taken seriously with immediate needful actions from the banking sector.

After these hacking attempts on Banks, consumers have shown their serious concerns. Their confidence in banks is already deteriorating. It merits mentioning here that the majority of banks in Pakistan allow internet banking to their customers. They offer their customers to manage their bank accounts online through their websites. Customers are offered to even transfer funds to other banks. MCB was hacked around 3:00 AM PST, and the Defaced Page is still there.

After HBL & ABL Now MCB Get Hacked

After HBL & ABL Now MCB Get Hacked

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