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Aisay Jalay Jiya Hum Tv Drama Serial

(Last Updated On: 19/11/2013)

Angeline Malik once again have done a fabulous job by putting together the team of Aisay Jalay Jiya. The another addition to her great direction line which include the names of WOH Chaar, Kitni Girhain Baqi Hai and Susral keh Rang Anokhay, Aisay Jalay Jiya pre to its broadcast already created much hype due to its star ensemble. Angeline’s  new project ensemble the tacky star cast of Sonia Hussan, Behroz Sabzwari, Imran Aslam with Samina Ahmed.The serial looks to be a deeply intense grasping drama with a potential plot.  The story (provided by Shahid Nizami) revolves around Aman, a matured (probably in her sixties) who tries to save her daughter`s home at the cost of her own and of her son`s. Aman`s (Sonia Hussain)  husband wants to go abroad for a better living but he lacks the financial support to do so. For this he pressurizes her wife to bring the required finance from her brother. Helpless Aman has no choice so she follows his order to the letter.

On the other side, Aman`s brother (Imran Asalm) who is enjoying his newly wedded life with his wife is pressurized by their mother (Samina Ahmed) to manage the amount at the cost of nearly ruining his new life. What it will be? will Aman`s brother succeed in bringing up the amount together or her sister`s marriage will be failed. Well at this point we can`t say much about it. So for now just tune in to Hum Tv to see what will happen. Angelic Films have done a fabulous job by bringing together the cast of Behroze (needs no introduction), Imran (rose to prominence with Bhaar mein Jaye Mohabbat and Samina Ahmed (again needs no introduction) and put up such a deep story related to problems with dowry.

Aisay Jalay Jiya Hum Tv Drama Serial:

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