Atif Aslam changed His Get up Grown Up Beard

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 26/12/2013)

Get ups,appearances and looks that are one of the most important thing that does a lot in increasing fans of any celebrity. Its always been said that people judge you by the way you look. So looks and appearances are the things that counts a lot for any celebrity and that why we see many celebrities changing hair styles and dressing styles.

Everyday we see celebrities doing their make overs over and over again just to look better and to bring change so that their fans don’t find them boring and keep on following them. Atif Aslam has come up with a new appearance that is he has grown up beard. Well fans of Atif Aslam wants to know the reason behind the change in appearance.

As previously Junaid Jamshed has done so but that had a very noble cause behind that and it was religion and after that he purely followed the instructions and teachings of Islam. The fans of Atif Aslam wants to know that either he adopted this style for following religion or is it just a style. Well Atif Aslam has cleared this point and said that he has grown up beard because he feels more comfortable with it and he received lot of appreciation from his Indian fans upon adoption of this new look.

So it sums up all and that is the beard Atif has grown is just a new look and he haven’t did this for religious purpose. The pop sensation also asserted that he also haven’t done this for any up coming project its purely his own decision. Lets hope this new appearance proves to be lucky for our rock star.

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