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Basant in Lahore After a Break of 7 Years

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 08/04/2013)

Basant is one of the most celebrated events in the city of Lahore. In the last few years this event was banned. It has been reported that the city of Lahore will observe Basant after a ban of 7 years. The date confirmed for the festival is 13th and 14th of April 2013. Caretaker government of Punjab province has communicated to the Chief Secretary’s office to work out a plan in order to celebrate Basant festival in Lahore but no official confirmation of this step has been received as yet.

According to sources, a meeting was arranged by kite flying festival in Punjab’s founder, Khwaja Nadeem Saeed Wayeen. This meeting was held at Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA). In this meeting April 13-14 was selected as the suggested date for this event in Lahore.

In order to setup the event, the top management authorities including Police, District Management and Bureaucracy were invited for meetings and input in this regard was obtained from all these authorities.  The main reason for ban on Basant was due to the insecurity of bikers who were the main victims of the strayed kite’s strings. Many incidents happened and the Government was forced to ban this event. To avoid any human life loss during this event, the suggestion is to install free wire antennas on bikes. These could be installed at four to six different points in the city. Further increase in the installation points can be increased. In order to spread awareness for the bikers about the safety procedure, a huge awareness campaign is also planned. Police department of the city is asked to suggest how to control law and order situation in the city during this event being celebrated. A challan for the bikers who would not install the security antenna is also suggested. Earlier it was also a suggestion that motorcycles should be banned for two days but this suggestion was rejected because it was argued that it will create a lot of trouble for the public.

Khwaja Nadeem Saeed Wayeen who is not only the founder of kite flying festival but he is the vice president of All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association as well, commented that many people were directly or indirectly attached to kite making industry and due to the lift of ban, many people will earn their livelihood and this festival is an attraction to the foreigners as well. He further commented that through this step the caretaker Chief Minister has won the hearts of the people of Lahore.

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  • Why our government could not take a step about one wheeling a lots of guys died in this on scene act. ? The people who died due to basant regarding their own non scence tricks…
    Why your government not take a step about unemployment ?
    why basant is ban ????????????

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