Boom Boom Afridi World Record of Getting Out on Zero’s

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 25/03/2013)

Pakistan cricket super star Shahid Afridi known as Boom Boom Afridi has made two world records in last 3 games that he played against South Africa, first he hit the biggest six in cricket history and second record was broken by the hard hitter and that was getting out on 0’s more than any other player in the cricket world by beating his t1larg.afridi.giformer captain and team mate Wasim Akram who got out on 0 for 27 times. Afridi went a step ahead of Akram by getting out 28 times and put this awkward record to his record list. Akram would have taken a sigh of relief as his name has now gone on number two regarding this awkward world record. I always say about Afridi that he keeps on surprising everybody but this time the surprise wasn’t pleasant for the nation. Diehard fans of Boom Boom Afridi are hoping and praying that Afridi make another record soon so that this difficult to digest record be forgotten in the shades of new record. Well that doesn’t look impossible because Afridi is such a power package and anything could be expected of him as one never know what this powerful Pathan will come up with but for the time being “Boom Boom” is being known for his new record that is getting out on 0’s .

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