Burq WiFi Broadband coming soon in Pakistan

Written by Shahid Balouch
(Last Updated On: 28/12/2013)

New Broadband service provider are planning to start its operations in Pakistan very shortly. Telecom group named ICONDOR Telecoms Group from Argentina has also launched some of its major broadband online services ‘BURQ Broadband’ in Islamabad. Burq Broadband is planned to be started very soon with its features and services. While basic aim of ICONDOR Telecoms Group is to offer high-speed broadband services over WiFi.

ICONDOR Telecoms is known as a leader in wi-fi telecommunications  in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay since the early eighties. Now they are planning to expanse of there network spam i.e. across the sub-continent and Middle East with Pakistan being the hub of its core business activities starting with Broadband Internet Services. Data applications over WiFi are always known to be much good especially when compaired to GSM or 3G techniques. Similar type of connections are effectively working across various market segments.

During his address at the launch ceremony, Ambassador of Argentina, H.E. Mr. Rodolfo J. Martin Saravia as the chief guest said: ‘We are very hopeful that the success of BURQ Broadband will encourage more investment groups from Argentina to invest in various trade sectors in Pakistan and will open new vistas of progress and development for the country’. Mr. Shahid Mir, CEO ICONDOR Telecom Pakistan at the same occasion said in his opening speech that BURQ Broadband will be rolled out throughout the country, and Chairman of the Board of Directors ICONDOR Telecom, Mr. Oubay Atassi told the media that BURQ Broadband has been launched with an objective to improve the social strata and allow people to experience seamless service of high speed internet.

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