”Fareb” New Turkish Drama Serial

The trend of importing dramas from abroad is very common these days. Public takes interest in them so they are more popular than the local drama serials. There are many foreign dramas on-air these days such as ‘’Rafta Rafta”, ‘’Noor” or the coming soon latest drama ‘’Fareb”. “Fareb” is a Turkish drama serial. It is will be on-air from 25th March 2013 at 9:00 pm from Express Entertainment. “Fareb” is a story about a love-triangle. The subject is basically about beauty and its bewitching power. The directors and actors have depicted the story skillfully. It revolves around a stunning and splendid youthful girl, “Muazzez”. The story starts when her father passes away. She is very lonely after his departure. She fights with many hardships alone; she faces many problems but is still hopeful and lion-hearted. She strives hard to become independent. Muazzez does not know that she has any kinship left, but fortunately one of her angry uncle got to know about her tragedy and decides to adopt her. He sends his elder son to bring her to their home at Istanbul.

''Fareb'' Turkish Drama Serial at Express
”Fareb” Turkish Drama Serial at Express

Namik (Her cousin) finds her out and persuades her to go with him. He explains all the issue with her, at last she goes with him. Now, she has a new life with her new family .i.e. her uncle, his two sons Namik and Sait and Namik’s wife Sayeste. Her arrival at their home changes everything. Namik and Sait both start getting involved in her. They began liking her alluring face and charming personality. Namik ignores his wife now because of her. And Sait, who is a hopeless philanderer, is also affected. Both of them try to win her. Both of them cannot stand her charismatic personality. She takes no interest in both but with the passage of time, she starts infatuated with Sait, the younger brother. The whole situation affects many relations such two brothers, three cousins, a couple, uncle and niece etc. The drama is worth-watching because the end is not clear. If she chooses Sait, she loses; as he is a flirtiest person but she Namik is also not a good option as he is a married man.

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