How to Get Thicker Eyebrows

Get Thicker Eyebrows
Written by Fareeha Arif
(Last Updated On: 23/02/2013)

Eyebrow is one of the good looking facial features, thicker eyebrow looks more beautiful and add more attraction for men. They come in a verity of shapes, color and size. They provide a frame for the eyes and also participate in the best facial expressions. Them or nonexistent eyebrow can make you more self conscious. Thin eyebrows are due to over plucking, heredity, chemotherapy, certain medications, burns, poor nutrition, genetics or some time age factor also involve in it.

If you want to get thicker eyebrows then there are several ways to have, eyebrow treatments range from natural solutions to costly cosmetic procedures. By using instructions and techniques given below you can get thick and lush eyebrow. Normally six to eight weeks required re-growing eyebrows, but with the following method they need only four weeks. So follow the instructions which are given below.

Instructions to get thicker eyebrows

  • Make sure your diet is rich in protein, because it facilitates the quick hair growing. If you want to get thicker, then let them grow to full potential and avoid plucking during this period. Make sure your diet should be balanced.
  • Apply romaine to your eyebrow, because it a most effective hair growth product. Use cotton swab to apply it twice a day.
  • Massage castor or coconut oil into your eyebrows for about five minutes then rinses off the oil, do this for about a month to get proper results.
  • Apply olive oil on the parts where you want to get the hair before going to bed. Olive oil has a great tendency to grow the hair faster.
  • Take some milk in the bowl, dip a cotton swab in it and squeeze it on your eyebrows.
  • Take multivitamins daily; add sulphur and prenatal vitamins in your diet.

After reading the above tips you can fulfill your desire that how to get thicker eyebrows.

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