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Hum TV Website Hacked by Madcode Haxor

Hum TV Website Hacked by Madcode Haxor

Hum TV is one of the biggest entertainment channels of Pakistan. However, it is hacked by the Pakistani hackers mad code haxor. There is message that hackers leave on the website that there are security issues related to the site. It is hacked on 20 July 2013. According to the message of the hacker there are security problems with the website so by hacking the Pakistani hacker remind the hum TV that your website if not fully insured. In the Message of the hacker on the website, it is clearly mentioned that he just wants to check that why so many people as hum TV hacker says that all his family like hum TV so he decided to check the website and during checking he planned to hack the site. Words of hacker on the internet site are given below:

 Yeah… right! You have been hacked
mad code hoaxer was here!
Shocked? Hum TV Got hacked. Oops Sorry Guys!
But I was just wondering that why all of my friends and family members like hum TV shows.??
Therefore, they set to work figuring it out. I thought let us check your website
and seriously… Website check Karte Karte Meri neat Badal gai…
ha-ha so nothing personal. It is just a security reminder that your web site is vulnerable
So, patch your system friends
Message for Web Admins–> Expect us
Because Security is, just an illusion for us
and no firewalls and us can stop us to make changes in our very own cyber world.

It is a very shameful thing for Pakistan that during this week for website of Pakistan are hacked by the hackers. Firstly HBL then ABL than MCB and now the hum TV website is hacked. There is no strict rule for against these hackers. Although hackers of the all four-hacked website were to inform that, there are security problems with the website. MEDCODE hoaxer has informed the government of the hum TV that there is no proper site security of the website and the internet site is vulnerable. A hacker has warned the admin of hum TV that they fix their website and be ready for next time. This is not the first time in Pakistan before website of other TV channels are also hacked including Khyber TV and ajj TV and hum TV website is hacked. This is a shameful thing for all website admins who cannot even secure their website and for lawmakers who have not made any law against these hackers. Pakistani website hackers are at extremes of hacking and they have decided not to leave any website without hacking either it is of any bank or of any TV channel. It is hardly a security reminder to the admin of the TV channel. Why TV channels and all other have not constructed their website, secure. Hacking a website if such a large TV channel shows that Pakistani web admins are not keeping on their website they have just leaved their website open after uploading the data that why there is so freedom to the hackers that they are going on hacking every day.

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