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Women in Mian Channu Gave Birth to Quadruplets

Women in Mian Channu Gave Birth to Quadruplets

Fozia of Mian Channu became mother of 4 by giving birth to 4 infants at a time. The delivery of all the 4 were normal according to Muhammad Rafiq, the doctor who handled the case.
3 among 4 are baby boys while the remaining one is baby girl. It is worth mentioning here that the same women gave birth to trio last year but unfortunately the trio didn’t survive for more than six hours and all the three infants died after few hours of delivery.
Muhammad Hussain, father of children was very happy having 4 babies at a time. The family lives in a village naming “14 ail” in vicinity of Mian Channu. Muhammad Hussain age is 17 years. He said that becoming father of 4 children is big and pleasant news, he said that he  will be celebrate this event with a grand function in his village and will serve  sweets “Meetahi” to all the villagers. The family was also worried about the health of the babies due to last year sad incident, in which all 3 infants died in few hours after delivery.

This time doctor came up with good reports and said that all 4 babies and their mother health is satisfactory and there is nothing to worry. Such cases are very rare, in which a women give birth to twins but this case is surprisingly very special where 4 infants are born at a time. No doubt the family planning institutions will be wondering what to do with such cases. In China every couple is allowed to have one child only and if a couple have twins, that couple is considered to be very lucky, I wonder how much lucky Fozia would be considered if she were a citizen of China. May Allah give sound health to the these children and parents.

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