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Imran Khan Seriously Injured as He Fell From Lifter

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan fell from lift a while ago and he has conceded a head injury. The lift was supposed to take him up to the stage where he was going to address the workers. The news channels are playing the footage again and again and it has been reported that the height of the lift was around 14-16 feet.

Imran Khan has been hospitalized after the incident. This jalsa was going to be held in Ghalib Market Lahore. The footage shows one of the bodyguards falling and as a reaction he holds the shoulder of Imran Khan. All of them fall from the lift and Imran Khan got head injury. In addition the weight of all of the bodyguards was also on him.

People who gathered for jalsa included a huge number of kids and women. None of them seem to leave the place of the jalsa and most of them are crying. Meanwhile Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif prayed for the health and quick recovery of Imran Khan.

Fall accident Video

Details of the injury and current condition of PTI Chairman Imran Khan are not known till yet. If this injury is persistent and long term, it can either slow down the election campaigns of PTI or it can flame a new spirit in the election campaign of PTI. It is a big question mark for all people who are voting for PTI that what condition the Chairman will be in after this incident and how much time will it take him to recover from it.

Imran Khan was due to address 9 rallies today. He was scheduled to go to Raiwand after this rally in Ghalib Market and then come back to Lahore but as the current situation suggests, he will not be able to address any more rallies till election is finished.

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  1. This was a deadly incident of dropping from lift. We should be careful while making temporary lift in such places to avoid such troubles.

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