10 Most Beautiful Models (Girls) of Pakistan

“A thing of Beauty is a Joy forever”
What Keats said for the discription of beauty is true undoubtly. Beautful things do become give joy every time you take a look at them. Take the example of our fashion models, the cute ones are always appreciated, applauded and acknowledged every time they walk on the ramp or give a public appearce. Lets start counting the ten most beautiful Girls of Pakistan’s Fashion Industry.

10. Iman Ali:

Who is unaware of the beauty of Iman Ali? The 33 years old model cum actress is still fresh and young looking chic. Fashion critics and showbiz personals rate her as the top-most fashion diva of Pakistan. She has modeled for almost all the Pakistani and Indian fashion designers and remained “Lux Girl” for three years. She has also appeared in Pakistan top class films such as “Khuda k Liye” and “Bol”.

Iman Ali

9. Syra Yousuf:

Syra is truly a charmer. One cannot stay away from once after watching her. There is something strange about her beauty. She is a great VJ, model and actresses.


Syra_yousuf Top Model

8. Mehreen Raheel:

Mehreen Raheel has a power to allure. She has classical beauty. Though not too tall, but her flawless beauty does not let her far behind among the other fashion goddesses of Pakistan.



7. Ayesha omar:

Ayesha Omar is also a top model and a celebrated actress. This is her attraction and appeal that gets her high rating every time she signs a show or walks a ramp.

Ayesha-Omar Top Model


6. Ayyan Ali:

Ayyan Ali has a very different appeal, her features amalgam of both Eastern and Western beauty. She is the Barbie Doll of Pakistan because of her angelic looks and dazzling style. She is the choice of all top fashion designers.



5. Saba Qamar:

Saba Qamar is a popular fashion diva, actress and host. She has flawless features and is tall and slender. She is a celebrated actress and model for top brands of Pakistan.

Saba Qamar Saba-Qamar-Top Model

4. Mehwish Hayat:

Renowned singer, model and actress, Mehwish Hayat is one of the “Sexiest Women of Asia”. She has been ranked this title consistently for so long. She appeared in many TV serials such as, “Mirat-ul-Urus”, “Bin Tere” and “Akhri Barish”.

Mehwish Hayat  Mehwish-Hayat-

3. Mahira Khan:

Mahira Khan is an award winning actess, host, VJ and top model. She is able to carry anything, she wears; be it a duppatta or a western gown. She looks equally stunning by wearing or not wearing make-up. This thing sets her apart from others in terms of beauty.

Mahira-Khan Top Model

Top ten Model mahira-khan

2. Sara Lorean/ Mona Lisa:

Sara is a Pakistan and Indian model and actress. Her radiant beauty and gorgeous looks makes her a fairytale princess. She is equally popular in India and Pakistan mainly because of her astonishing beauty.


Sara-Loren Mona Liza

1. Mahnoor Baloch:

It is impossible to discuss about “Beauty” and ignore “Mahnoor Baloch”. Beauty and Mahnoor Baloch have a special relation. Her beauty seems to be everlasting as she is 50 plus yet very fresh and experienced actress cum model.

Mahnor Baloch

mahnoor Top ten Model


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