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Indian RAW Agent Arrested In Pakistan

Indian RAW Agent Arrested In Pakistan

Well behind every bomb blast, serial killing and target killing political parties are blamed or things are put on the name of Taliban. A RAW agent has been arrested in Karachi and is claimed to be involved in many terrorist activities. The agent was arrested by Baghdad police during raid in a house, police took this action upon an information received to them.

But what I am thinking is if a Pakistani ISI had been arrested in India just imagine how they would have shown this to the world and every single incident would have been imposed on him but in Pakistan media haven’t even took a notice of it because they are busy in showing full of terror Pakistan they are happy to show Skindar’s fake drama over 5 hours. Well the agent name is told to be Syed Alam and so far it has not been verified that either its his real or fake name. Several fake CNIC’s have been found in his room an Indian passport has also been found there.

Few years back it was reported that a RAW agent is behind several killings in Karachi and is been source of unrest and in Sindh province. He has been shifted to foreign security cell special branch where further investigation will be carried out.  So far  Baghdadi police has reveled that he entered Pakistan back in 1993 and since than have been involved in various terrorist activities he belongs to Uttar Pradesh in India.

It’s a good sign that this RAW agent has been arrested but still is question mark on our security departments that a RAW agent was in here for more than  20 years. God knows what he would have done over these years how much damage would he had done to this nation. He is also been involved in supply of drugs to youth.

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