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Lahori College Girls Dance on Indian Songs

Lahori College Girls Dance on Indian Songs

The trend of sport day is changing a lot these days and in a sports day, sports duration is getting reduced day by and other activities are taking its place. The same happened in a college for women where annual sports day was being conducted and it looked more a dance show rather than a sports day. The students of the college were dancing on Indian songs like they were kept way from dancing since many years as they were dancing out loud and were uncontrollable specially on Indian songs.

Its not like that one shouldn’t dance as it is a nice physical activity but they way you dance and how you dance that is what matters. The girls were enjoying dancing specially on items songs and were repeating the steps that can be seen in the videos of those songs. Looking at the body language and emotions of those students one think that is this our tradition or is this what is going through the minds of our young generation. One can feel that these item songs have a great influence on their minds.

Similarly our media is very slowly going out of limits, there was a time when no one could imagine that one can get on air wearing a sleeve less shirt now sleeve less shirts are seen on every channel. We protest against it on very first day but then forget it and then we get used to it. In the same way the Indian culture is being induced in our minds and we are finding it hard to resist to that culture, that culture is induced to us through media channel and their films.

So sports day should be a sports day it shouldn’t be a dance day and further there is extreme need of arranging lectures and tutorials in schools and colleges where students and young generation are taught regarding our culture, our hero’s, our strengths, our potentials and also love and sincerity for Pakistan is induced minds of young generation.

Lahori Girls Dance on Indian Songs:

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