iPhone 5S: Features, Specs, Release & Price in Pakistan (iPhone 5C)

Written by Ahmad A.R
(Last Updated On: 02/08/2013)

Although none of the devices have been announced by American Tech-Giant Apple as yet, but indications are that next iPhone device will be iPhone 5S. Expected date for the launch of this phone is somewhere in the mid of June, 2013.

Rumours indicated that Apple is preparing to launch iPhone 5C instead of iPhone 6 leaving iPhone 6 for the next year.

Some of the rumoured specifications that are expected to be a part of iPhone 5S are:

Operating System

iOS 7 is expected to be used for the first time in iPhone 5S while other devices like iPhone 5 and iPad 4 will still be running on iOS 6.


Higher-resolution camera is expected to be a part of new iPhone 5S. Since Nokia and Samsung have released some of the best cameras in last few months so in order to compete them, it is expected that iPhone 5S will come up with a 12-MP rear camera which will improve quality of the photos snapped.


Since 128 GB iPad 4 was released recently by Apple, so now there are no doubts about Apple releasing a 128 GB version of iPhone 5S as they now have the capacity to do so. Not only Apple has the capacity but competition in the market demands that Apple release 128 GB storage in the market.

iPhone 5S Design

Historically, there isn’t much difference between normal version and ‘S’ version of iPhone as seen previously in the case of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. So iPhone 5S might be a little more slim and smart looking but no huge difference in design could be anticipated.

iPhone 5C Expected Price

Unlocked version of the new Apple iPhone 5C according to the rumours is expected to be expanded into 4 major categories.

iPhone 5S 16 GB = 62,900

iPhone 5S 32 GB = 79,900

iPhone 5S 64 GB = 89,900

iPhone 5S 128 GB = 99,900+


Since current devices like iPhone 5 and iPad 4 are boasting Dual core A6 model chips, an upgrade to the processor is also rumoured. iPhone 5S is expected to have a Quad core A7 chip.

After Samsung has provided amazing features into their flagship smartphone Galaxy S4, in order to do a comeback, Apple should really live up to the rumours in order to save its reputation.


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