Jal Releases New Album Pyaas

Well wait is over and Jal has come up with their third music album by the name of Pyaas. Jal that consists of two members Goher Mumtaz and Shazi are pretty hopeful that the album will be a success story. This time round Goher has come up with different compositions and have came out of “alaaps”. While talking about the album and its songs Goher told that his theory is pretty much simple and that is every song deserves different treatment and according to him that is what he has done in this album. Every song of the album has its own place but “Urr Jana” and Dil Haari are the special packages. While giving interview the news paper Goher enlighten how he has been working for over tow years and collected  strong songs, lyrics and a better understanding of music. Dil Haari is the evidence of that better understanding of music as Arabic sounds and acoustics. The album Pyaas has been appreciated by Indian analysts and the two members band are confident about its success in Pakistan. The bassist of the band has also contributed as a singer in this album, Shazi said that Goher has supported him a lot to showcase his talent as a singer.

Jal band is always compared with Atif Aslam as he was their previous band member but it isn’t fair to compare these two as they have different style of singing, Atif love to go on high nodes while Jal keeps it cool and concentrate on melody. The release of album in Pakistan was not a easy task as the political situation of country is very unstable but Jal was pretty confident on their album as it has strong songs, melodious music and spice of different tracks and this encouraged Jal to release album in Pakistan. Pyaas is a rock solid album and has been released with support of Universal music.
Jal Releases New Album Pyaas Promo:

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