Joint Venture of Tarang and Geo Films for ”Tarang Houseful”

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 23/03/2013)

There is great news for all the movie lovers and particularly for those who want the revival of Pakistani cinema. Tarang and Geo Films have teamed up to revive Pakistani classics. They joined hands together for “Tarang Houseful.”  On 20th March 2013, in a local hotel at Karachi many celebrities from both lollywood and television attended this brilliant event. Alluring Ahsan Khan was the host of this program while Shan and Syed Noor gave an amazing speech about the whole theme of ‘Tarang Houseful’’.
Top actors performed on the Pakistani Classical songs and theatrics with slight spins in the plots. There awe-inspiring accomplishments have shown that Pakistani actors are not less than anybody else in talent and ability. It was to give tribute to the old Pakistani movies. These remakes include Pakistani blockbusters like ‘’Devar Bhabi’’,’’Aaina’’, ‘’Anjuman’’, ‘’Abhi to mein jawan hoon’’ and ‘’Dil mera dhadkan Teri’’. Geo released the flicks which the public applauded a lot.

These worth-watching flicks would not be shown in ‘’proper’’ movies format instead they would be shown in the form of short telefilms. Pakistani prominent celebrities have worked really hard to make this project a success.
Names like Bushra Ansari, Ateeqa Odhoo and Sabha Hammed have danced to the tune of the Golden Classic of Pakistan ‘’Abhi to Main Jawan hoon’’ which was awe-inspiring and breath-taking.
Similarly, the new era chocolate hero rocked in place of the Old era chocolate hero ‘’Waheed Muraad’’ with Aamina Sheikh in the evergreen song ‘‘Ko-Ko-Ko-reena’’. This was also an amusing accomplishment.
There were many more performers such as Saima, Sara Larean, Imran A. Naqvi, Fawad Afzal Khan, Aamina Sheikh, Ahsan Khan and Sanam Saeed, Saud, Sami Khani, Shan and Sarwat Gilani who worked devotedly for the re-awakening to our cinema and cultural.You would be able to go back in time and watch Pakistani movie clips from 1970s with a little hue of modern-day twisting in plots and acts.
Pakistani Cinema is in the dire need of such people who could help rejuvenating it. Tarang and Geo‘s effort to renovate Pakistani art and culture in this way and at this time, is worth-appreciating.

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